Founder & OWNER

Nana Oforiwa

SinceShea is a female-led Ghanaian cosmetic brand specializing in the manufacturing of handcrafted hair and skincare products using unrefined shea butter, African black soap, aromatic plant herbs & spices, carrier & essential oils.

Our Vision

To deliver simple yet premium quality and effective natural cosmetics worldwide.

Our passion at SinceShea is to promote the use of chemical-free natural products to cleanse, nourish, protect and rejuvenate both the skin and hair.

why we do what we do

Our Mission

To enhance beauty through nature for all.

SinceShea seeks to promote the use of chemical-free natural products to cleanse, nourish, protect and rejuvenate both the skin and hair. SinceShea was born out of the need to draw attention to Ghana’s tree of life… Shea Butter and it’s several benefits for the largest organ of the body. Coupled with this is the clarion call to return to the use of natural ingredients that are gentle yet effective, and friendly to both the environment and humans.

Core Brand Values

As a truly Ghanaian company that believes in pure unadulterated skin care products, our brand messaging is a call for all to Return To Nature and Glow Beautifully. This is because we believe and pride in the potency of our African products which dates as far back as the 13th century. SinceShea’s core values comprise “Simple, Authentic, Quality, Innovation, Responsible, Impact and Service.” These elements are expressed in everything we do with every product living up to our values. With love we create products that brings the healthy beauty sensibility and pulse of nature to the world. In so many ways, we demonstrate our respect for nature and the environment.
Simple – To use natural ingredients to create simple yet effective products.

Authentic – To produce authentic products using raw materials from undisputed origins.

Quality – To create good quality product with competitive prices.

Innovation – To focus on constant innovation and creativity to produce unique personal care products utilizing indigenous natural raw materials.

Responsible – Be a responsible entity to the awareness and use of environmentally friendly personal care and beauty products.

Impactful – Deliberately engage in activities that create value and nurture lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Ultimately, we offer customers the best of natural products in terms of quality, efficacy, safety and cost to satisfy their personal care needs and desires; create income for the rural women and families in the shea butter & African black soap value chain; and offer great working conditions to our lean staff.

Service – Create positive experiences for our customers all the time.


Who can use SinceShea Products? 100% Original & Unrefined

All our emollient and soothing products are suitable for children and adults of all ages, gender, skin and hair types. It’s great for massaging babies, the aged and pregnant women.
Our products offer the promise of an intimate experience with the sweet smell of nature, its healing and beauty benefits. Our products are handcrafted in smaller batches ensuring unmatched attention to quality and detail at every step of the process.

Enjoy SinceShea’s five exciting, captivating scents

Chocolate – to uplift your mood and promote hair growth
Vanilla – for a relaxing sensation, healthy skin and shinny hair
Cocktail – to refresh the skin and strengthen hair roots
Wild Mint – to invigorate and refresh the skin and sooth the scalp
Tea Tree & Lemongrass – to balance skin oil and strengthen hair follicles