All scents for our products are derived from carefully selected authentic essence oils blended with compatible carrier oils thus making them suitable for all skin types and hair. Our shea butter comes from the best source – Northern Ghana, where our hardworking women partners use traditional methods for manufacturing. Our desire at SinceShea is to help rural women in our value chain earn a decent income to support themselves and their families under FARE TRADE conditions. 


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Shea butter

100% unrefined shea butter derived from shea nuts tree, picked and processed by rural women from Northern Ghana, Tamale.




Aromatic plant herbs and spices, carrying sweet luxurious scents, proven to stimulate healthy skin and tighten pores are sourced directly from women vendors in Greater Accra, Ghana. These ranges from leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, stems, wood, bark, roots, rhizomes all in powdered form.
For the optimal efficacy of our products, we place high emphasis on the properties of botanicals we use. We source our oils responsibly, only offering essential oils that are certified organic, wildcrafted in their natural habitat, or grown using organic practices in cases where organic certification is unavailable or impractical. Consequently, we use oils that are natural and free from harmful synthetic chemicals toxic to the skin and hair.



& Carrier






Honey absorbs excess moisture from the skin and reduces the chance of any kind of skin infection. It has humectants properties that help to moisturize the skin without making it too oily. It’s known to have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that helps get rid of pimples and acne. Organic unrefined honey for our formulation is sourced from Northern and Savanna Ghana, Tamale and Damongo respectively.
Vegetable glycerin is a clear, odorless and sweet-tasting liquid derived from vegetable fats. For purposes of hydrating skin and preventing loss of moisture, we choose vegetable glycerin. It’s ability to help soothe skin irritation, protect against infection, soothe inflamed or wounded skin makes it an irresistible addition to our formulation.



Who can use SinceShea products?

Enjoy SinceShea’s five exciting, captivating scents ~
Chocolate – to uplift your mood and promote hair growth
Vanilla – for a relaxing sensation, healthy skin and shinny hair
Cocktail – to refresh the skin and strengthen hair roots
Wild Mint – to invigorate and refresh the skin and sooth the scalp
Tea Tree & Lemongrass – to balance skin oil and strengthen hair follicles


Suitable for all ages

Our products offer the promise of an intimate experience with the sweet smell of nature, its healing and beauty benefits. our products are handcrafted in smaller batches ensuring unmatched attention to quality and detail at every step of the process